Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Is not having to count carbs one of your favourite childhood memories ?

Wasn’t that the most amazing phase of life as far as food indulgence was concerned ? You could eat bars of chocolate, tubs of ice cream, sweets , dry fruits & what have you. Yet nothing would show on the scale. 
And what about blood sugar ?? Well that was something only our parents, grandparents & older relatives needed to be concerned about. 
So what has changed over the last few decades that you need to suddenly start becoming conscious of what you eat to maintain your ideal body composition. 
Is it because you’re older ?
But then what about your friend who is just as old as you but is able to freely indulge without a care in the world ? 

The following points will give you some clarity:

  1. As kids & young adults we were always on the go, playtime was at the grounds, activities were more physical in nature, travel was on foot / cycle / bus / train etc. The 10 k steps we struggle to get to today was something we probably covered in half a day.
  2. Your metabolism naturally slows down as you age. In simple terms, your body uses calories less effectively than it did when you were younger & hence there is more left as excess to be converted to fat / adipose tissue. 
  3. A lower metabolism is also due to reduction in lean mass which is an active tissue & uses up energy. Recommendations to include weight bearing exercises as a part of your exercise routine are to counter this effect.
  4. Both men & women experience a drop in levels of hormones estrogen & testosterone respectively as well that of growth hormone which aids in building & maintaining muscle mass.  

So what can you do to counter this effect :
  1. Make conscious lifestyle changes to remain mare active through the day, not just when you are actively exercising.
  2. Healthier food choices & limiting indulgences to only occasionally.
  3. Focus on a diet rich in proteins, complex carbohydrates, fruits & nuts. 
  4. Include both cardiovascular & well as muscle building exercises in your workout routine.
  5. Get adequate rest & keep stress levels low.
  6. Ensure you get your annual health check up & get professional help where necessary.